Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Blog w/ David Burbach

This blog post is from David Burbach, a multi talented member of our staff. He is the brains and creativity behind all our videos, podcasts, websites and media. He has helped us pioneer and led the 18 inch journey. He is an incredible assistant to us and most importantly one of the most loyal friends I have ever known. This beautiful blog is about a sailing adventure I skippered with the men of "A place for the heart" a few weeks ago. These beautiful photos are also the work of David's hands.

“If a man would learn to pray, let him go to sea” - unknown

While I by no means claim to know the depths of prayer to which a man may delve to in the midst of the sea, I did get to experience a small taste of her potency.  Last weekend the men of A Place for the Heart took our annual sailing adventure.  There’s certainly something addictive and wonderful about riding up and down on the swells.  Something lovely about the creak of the ropes and the cries of the gulls.  Something spellbinding in the gray clouds and green sea.  Somewhere in the long line of my father’s must’ve been a sailor.   - David Burbach

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Friday, October 14, 2011

God's Laughter

Imagine the sound of God laughing.  Its almost like trying to envision a color your eyes have never seen.  David slipped into a place of knowing God in such a real way that he heard "the One who sits enthroned in Heaven laughing" at the schemes of the enemy. (Psalm 2:4) I love how I can recognize the sound of a close friend's laughter in a crowd.  David had ears to hear God in the middle of crowd. 

There are a lot of DVD's I am looking forward to watching in heaven.  One replay I want to see is the day the Philistine blacksmiths wielded the sword for their giant Goliath. When we watch this replay, I think the sound of the Lords laughter will drowned out the sound of the blacksmiths hammer forging the massive sword.  I can almost see the Lord gathering the angels and saying, "Look, the sword they think will defeat their enemies, will be the sword that will defeat them."  David took the sword that the giant pointed at him, and removed the head of the giant.  God laughs at His enemies, because His goodness is so good, it can always turn what His enemies meant for evil into victory.  Even the cross the enemy sought to destroy the dream of God with, become the doorway to usher the fulness of God's dream into all mankind.  Graham Cooke said it this way,  "If the enemy would have known what the death of Jesus would accomplish, he would have tried to kill every one that was trying to kill Jesus."  I want to live a life that causes the enemy to regret ever pointing His sword in the direction of one of God's beloved. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Albums Coming Soon

Last fall, Melissa and I gathered together our band, a few extra musicians and our favorite producer, engineer and master mind Elijah Mosely.  These guys not only make great music, but they happen to be some of our best friends in the world.  We moved all the furniture out of our living room, and gathered together for a week, to arrange, rehearse and get 12 new songs ready to record in the studio.  In that week we played lots of music, drank many pots of coffee, came up with some great ideas, and a few bad ones,  laughed a lot and got wrecked by the presence of the Lord.  By the end of the week, we were ready to go into the studio and record this new set of songs.  The major problem we encountered, is that we releaized we could not fit all this music onto one album.  If you have heard our music,  you know we love the extended moments of worship and getting lost in the presence of the Lord.  What we have decided to do for this new set of songs is create three albums. The first album we are going to release is a collection of the 12 songs in beautiful song length version. The remaining two albums to be released later in 2012 will be a collection of the songs in their extended length, prophetic moments of worship and a handful of spontaneous songs.  We will be posting all the details with release dates soon.  We are busy right now mixing these three albums of music.  Its kinda like going to the hospital to have a baby and then finding out your gonna have triplets.  So please have mercy upon us, it takes a while to mix so much music.