Friday, March 28, 2014

Cottage Update

As many of you know, over the past several months we have been dreaming with the Lord about building a new cottage for the 18 Inch Journey. We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have given to our vision for the new cottage.  With your support, we have raised $19,000 of our $250,000 goal.  We are so blessed by your generosity! 
Our goal is to build the cottage this fall. Due to delays with building permits, our initial projections for construction have been pushed back.  With the 18 Inch Journey quickly approaching and Phase 2 currently underway, we thought it much wiser to begin construction in the fall so as not to disrupt or postpone either of the schools. Plus, we desire to raise the majority of the $250,000 we need before we break ground on the cottage.

We still plan to accept 32 students to the 18 Inch Journey this summer in addition to the 12 Phase 2 students we currently have.  This will put every inch of space to use and maximize the number of hearts that we can change.  While this will put a stretch on our current space, we are asking the Father for wisdom to steward the growth of this season.  We have tremendous favor with an increase in applications every year, and it is our desire to accept as many students as possible. 

As a community, we treasure each heart that comes to A Place for the Heart and we work very hard to make sure that every student that comes to the 18 Inch Journey is seen, loved and discipled.  We feel the invitation from the Lord to grow and expand while still preserving the intentionality of family that the Trinity has taught us.  As the schools continue to grow, we are expanding our number of staff and interns to help lead the schools and tend to all of the inner workings of A Place for the Heart.  All of this growth simply means that we need more space.  A new cottage will allow us to accept more students, offer better housing and spread out into smaller groups.
Please help support our vision for a more sustainable 18 Inch Journey by giving to the cottage.  We believe one more bed is one more heart that can encounter the love of the Father at A Place for the Heart.  Please consider partnering with us and helping us change the world one heart at a time.

To learn more or give please visit:
You can make checks payable to “A Place for the Heart”

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Support a Cageless Bird!

This year, our very own Joel Case is recording a full length album of his songs! Joel has been a part of this community for the past 5 years and has served the dream of this land in many ways - from leading in our schools, drumming with Jonathan and Melissa, being the man behind the scenes, cultivating our music studio, and leading our community in worship. He has written so many amazing songs that have led our community into the heart of the Father, and the love of Jesus, that we sing regularly here at A Place for the Heart, and several news songs! Joel comes strongly recommended to you from our hearts and community as a worthy investment. 
This record will be our first "Cageless Birds" solo project we release! This is also pioneering the way for other members of our family to record and release their music in a similar way through the Cageless Birds collective. We are so excited for the many to come!
But to make this one happen we need your help! Joel has started a Kickstarter (online fundraising platform) to raise the funds he needs to bring this to completion. We have 6DAYS left to raise the money, and Joel will only get the money (and you will only be charged) if we raise the total amount of $15,000. Right now we are over 1/3rd of the way there, with a good bit to go. We need your help!
Would you joyfully consider taking a look at his page, watch the promo video and check out some of the rewards you can receive (like a free copy of his CD when it comes out! or beautiful hand-crafted items from members of our collective) and see if your heart would like to partner in releasing this dream into the earth? 
We pray that in giving you will be blessed even more in return from the sound of Joel's life and the sound of the Father and the Son inside of his heart. We can't do this without you. Thanks for your support!
Here's the link:
- The Friends and Family of A Place for the Heart