Wednesday, March 9, 2011

South Africa....

 Next month my band and I are flying over the Atlantic Ocean to the beautiful nation of South Africa. We are meeting up with two of my favorite people in whole world, Suzy and Kamran Yaraei,  to host a school of worship in the city of Johannesburg.  Suzy and I have been dreaming about going to the nations together for years. This trip is the fulfillment of lots of prayers and prophetic words. I can hardly wait to see what PaPa is going to do. You can find out more info about the school at the link below.

The evenings of April 14-15th are nights where we will waste the evenings worshiping the Lord and anyone is welcome.  If you live in South Africa you need to be there, if you don't live in South Africa book some tickets.....

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  1. Prepare! Prepare to fall in love with this nation!!!! You will forever be changed, forever want to return .....!!!!