Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cageless Birds

In Acts 16 Paul and Silas were chained to prison walls, but they lifted their voices and sang. The freedom they sang about was more real then the chains that held them. The walls of the prison had to bow to the reality of the freedom in their song. Not only did their song set them free, but it set all the prisoners free. Like birds released from their cage Paul and Silas flew out of their prison on the melodies they sang. On June 17-18 we will be hosting a two day worship gathering to inspire a generation to fly out of the cages of fear into the heart of God. Go to for more info. 

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  1. My brother died and I have been holding him in my heart all our lives because we both suffered such abuse as children that I carried so much greif.he never was able to draw close to the father the way i did and remained fractured and tormented.3 days ago he died and its been a hard letting go..I was gleening on youtube and I came across your videos and the songs released my heart from greif ive carried since childhood for him..God actually showed me my heart open and chains were being pulled out large long chains.the song beautiful makes my heart happy.and the song loose my ability blessed my soul.I was touched by all of the music and harmony and the sound is off the charts as far as moving inside my spirit to be touched and soar in the presance of the fathers love.thank you.I went to itunes and now I can enjoy this blessing anytime..father I ask for continual blessings for your beloved..because truly they are...